CPC Community Health Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of all Coloradans by creating innovative community health programs that deliver evidence-based interventions.


Our vision is to engage with communities to achieve health without disparities.

Core Values

In fulfilling our mission we must retain a steadfast commitment to ourselves, our partners and our community. We are a team of highly engaged professionals, constantly striving to embody the following core values in our pursuit of excellence in clinical research and disease prevention.

Honesty and Integrity

Truthful and accurate communication, fostering transparency in all interactions in order to maintain our credibility.


The essential framework that anchors our success. This requires camaraderie, listening, engagement, cooperation, and expertise.


Acting in a manner that values and recognizes the strengths and contributions of all individuals. Treating others with dignity positively affects us and our relationships.

Discovery and Innovation

Seeking new insights by harnessing our individual creativity, competency and fresh thinking to create new solutions to improve outcomes.

Quality and Diligence

Follow through to the completion of all tasks, with the perseverance to find optimal solutions while respecting cost and time constraints.