CPC is an academically-led community health organization that develops innovative and evidence-based health promotion programs, interactive health technology, and community partnerships to help win the fight against cardiovascular disease in Colorado. We partner with health clinics, health departments, community based organizations, medical centers, and foundations across Colorado to help drive our innovative programming. Our evidence-based programs help vulnerable populations across Colorado gain vital access to services and education to help delay, prevent, or manage cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Learn more about two of our long-standing community health promotion programs:



CPC Community Health Objectives

  • Develop practical, scientifically sound strategies to improve cardiovascular health.
  • Raise awareness of heart disease through innovative outreach, screening, education and improving access to health care.
  • Strengthen health care by educating providers in clinical guideline adherence and cardiovascular disease prevention.
  • Leverage community partnerships to help vulnerable populations including rural communities, minorities and the uninsured, find successful ways to improve their health.


CPC is a not-for-profit community health and clinical research organization affiliated with the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, Denver Health and the National Jewish Medical and Research Center. Founded in 1989 by Robert W. Schrier, MD as the Colorado Prevention Center, its primary purpose was to run the Appropriate Blood Pressure Control in Diabetes (ABCD) study which redefined the goals for lowering blood pressure to prevent the complications of diabetes. In 2000, CPC diversified to perform multi-center, international studies in cardiovascular disease with a focus on developing new therapies, and in 2005 our Community Health department became firmly established to design, implement and evaluate community programs with the goal of improved health in our Colorado communities.In 2010, the expansion of the Colorado Prevention Center’s activities prompted the organization to change its name to CPC and recognize its two main branches: CPC Community Health and CPC Clinical Research. Today, CPC Community Health develops and implements innovative, evidence-based health promotion programs that target underserved populations. Our two key programs, Colorado Heart Healthy Solutions and Community Heart Health Actions for Latinos at Risk, have collectively reached over 40,000 Coloradoans. Click here to learn more about our current and past programs.